Meet Karie Cassell,  RD, LMC

Bestselling Author, Speaker, Registered Dietitian, IOC Sports Nutrition 

Who is Karie Cassell?

Karie is an internationally known professional author, keynote speaker, registered dietitian of more than 30 (with studies in both Traditional and Nontraditional medicine which gives a full spectrum approach to her programs), and a certified life coach. Since age of 13, she has been called to serve in wellness. After studying alternative medicine, she became a dietitian and worked in several areas of health and wellness including specializing in heart disease, diabetes, and sports nutrition with the International Olympic Committee.

Karie has worked in all spectrums of health from acute, chronic, and preventative care. After working in acute care hospital, she felt pulled as a trendsetter to build a chronic care model where she specialized in diabetes. As a Certified Diabetes Educator for 10 years, she worked her way to winning awards and to being on the Board of Directors for The Canadian Diabetes Association and Chair of the Diabetes Educators of Canada. Her journey then called her to discover the real effect in holistically helping others find their optimal well-being pulling all the pieces together through her Life Coach Certification where she achieved the highest level of training as a Life Mastery Consultant with the Brave Thinking Institute.  With a robust level of knowledge and wholistic approach, Karie runs a thriving successful private practice to help with prevention and disease management.

Karie Cassell is a “Wealth of Health”. 

After witnessing almost every diet trend imaginable and eventually facing her own health challenge, Karie began to notice more gaps in the flawed diet and health industry. Her passion to put the Heal back in Health, sent her on a quest to discover the missing pieces with her Life Mastery certification. 

Taking things beyond the symptom level to the root causes, Karie turned her own “mess into a message” and created a complete turnaround for individuals with a new formula in her programs and international bestseller- The Domino Diet: How to Heal You from the Inside Out. 


Karie is a “Dietitian on a Mission'' bringing you back to the true meaning of the word diet-from the Greek origin word Diata, meaning a way of life.  

Karie Cassell has the mind of an experienced dietitian and the heart of a transformational life coach
who many call The Diata Diva–A way of Life of the Divine!  

My Personal Journey and Invitation for You
(aka...why I do this work)

I heard, “Karie, you gained weight?!” which is my first memory of noticing my “flawed body”. I was only 10. Slowly I noticed so many felt flawed with their body. When Mémère (Grandma) reached for a donut vowing “I’ll start my diet Monday”. I felt society’s vanity traps and absence of freedom.
At 13, I curiously read the Nutritional Almanac like it was Vogue magazine witnessing how dis-ease becomes disease while oscillating with my own Vitality and Vanity.
My wandering soul journeyed through Non-Traditional and Traditional Medicine while simultaneously growing in spirituality reading A Course in Miracles.
Little did I know, Divine orchestration synergized Mind/Body/Spirit as my curriculum niched as a Dietitian! The Heal inside the word Health stood out to me and deepened my passion. Health as a Career became a perfect duet until….

My stressful divorce riddled with dis-ease morphed into diseases of my pituitary and thyroid. A perfect storm of hormonal imbalance worsened with menopause blowing my white picket fence down.
I went from a “Dietitian’s Messenger” to a “Dietitian’s Mess”.
No longer looking the part, losing confidence, purpose and losing myself, I felt like a failure everywhere, even as a mother. I felt I was leaving my good days behind me.
My curriculum was missing pieces. I knew what to do but in the thick of brain fog I lost all DESIRE.
Serendipitously though, I became a LifeCoach and found the missing pieces, my passion and purpose again! Connecting the dots, going beyond the symptom level, I bridged the gap in both medicines with Mind/Body/Spirit combined discovering that any program that doesn’t, is incomplete.
After 30 years helping thousands in acute/chronic care using traditional and nontraditional medicine, I’ve learned what works and doesn't work.
I discovered healing, renewing and releasing starts from the inside out with all of you at a cellular level.
The Domino Diet Formula combines years of experience in all areas of wellness, holistically for the whole of you and that, the only way out is In.
I’m a “Dietitian on a Mission” putting the Heal back in Health and Restoring the true meaning of the word diet.
Join me and like-minded people from around the world in this course to rediscover the true you and your Way of Life!
Love, Karie “The Diata Diva”

Credentials,  Education and Accomplishments

Bachelor of Science at the U of A May 1991-1993, Registered Dietitian 1994-Present logo:‚Äč

Certified Diabetes Educator: May 2011-2016: logo:‚Äč

IOC Sports Nutrition Diploma: March 2012-Present: Logo: ‚Äč

‚ÄčLife Mastery Consultant: Brave Thinking Institute. March 2019-Present¬†


Committees and Organizations

Chair of the Alberta/BC Chapter for Canadian Diabetes Association: ‚ÄčApril 2001-2003‚Äč

Chair Elect of the Diabetes Educators of Canada: 2003-2005‚Äč

Chair of the Diabetes Educators of Canada: 2005-2008‚Äč

On the Board of Directors of the National Diabetes Association: 2005-2008
Logo for Diabetes Association:‚Äč

‚ÄčChair of the Media Network for Dietitians of Canada: 2021-Present:

On the National Committee for the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diabetes.

Life Coach Training

Programs with the Brave Thinking Institute (Mary Morrissey)‚Äč

-Life Mastery Consultant: Life Coaching, Into Your Genius, Working with the Hidden Laws, Standing Firm while Your World is Shaking ‚Äč

Platinum Programs: Strategic Immersion Trainings, Acing Your Business, Hidden Laws of Leadership, Pinnacle Leadership, etc.‚Äč

-DreamBuilder: Blueprinting, Bridging, Building a Vision‚Äč

-Vision Driven‚Äč‚Äč


Chair of the Kakwa Toastmasters Club 2019-2021‚Äč

Rookie of the Year: 2019-2020‚Äč (Achieved the highest level in their Presentation Mastery training.

Triple Crown Aware Nov 2019

Toastmaster'sPresentation Mastery Level: Completed:  Toastmaster's Mastery Path

The Domino Diet was the 2022 winner of the Goody Business Book Awards in the Health-Wellness category. 

Audio book and Kindle version of The Domino Diet as well as paperback all became best sellers on Amazon (.com and also .ca)

Publications, articles, journals


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