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- with over 25 years experience and hundreds of events as a guest and keynote speaker, Karie delivers.

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When it comes to choosing a professional speaker for your next event, you will find no one more respected and uniquely qualified than Karie Cassell. Karie’s experience as a Certified Life Coach with more than thirty years of studying wellness comes with a background as a Registered Dietitian. She brings an absolute passion as a “Dietitian on a Mission” to a professional speaking approach that will leave your audience or colleagues with a renewed passion for life. Her twist of humor and storytelling will teach you in ways you will not forget. You will leave saying “I never heard it that way before,” and that’s a promise!

Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000, in person or on webinar-type platforms, Karie delivers as she weaves her Life Coaching skills into her messages knowing your Well-Being spans all areas of your life.

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Topics that Karie specializes in are:
Wealth and Career

Karie Performs Virtually or Live On-stage

Karie was a featured speaker at the Dream Builder virtual summit in January 2022 with Mary Morrisey.
Over 7000 attendees in one session from over 119 countries  

Seen here on-stage with Mary Morrisey at the Dream Builder Live conference speaking to >2000 attendees, Dallas, October 2022.

Karie seen here as the Enlightened Passenger on the Corey Poirier show.  The topic was how to introduce yourself and your business to a stranger.  What is the one thing you would want them to know about you and your message in the world.
Also featured in the recording are guest spots with Deepak Chopra and Gay Hendricks. 

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Examples of Karie's Experience as a Conference Speaker

Canadian Diabetes Association
- between the years of 2003 and 2006 Karie spoke at conferences and Chapter Meetings on 100s of occasions in locations including Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Nova Scotia, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort Smith, Yellowknife
- Karie also spoke at the International Diabetes Foundation Conference in 
South Africa (Cape Town)

Topics on Diabetes, Heart Disease, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Wellness, Life Coaching, etc.

Blu Talks is a branded series of talks designed to educate, inspire, entertain and motivate. bLU stands for Business, Life, Universe. Speakers featured on Blu Talks are highly recognized authors and influencers and subject-matter-experts.
Karie is seen here on stage August 16  at the University of Alberta speaking to a live audience of business professionals, health professionals, professors and physicians from the hospital. 

Rookie of the Year 2018: Toastmasters  Achieved the highest level in their Presentation Mastery training.

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