Switch on the REST-DIGEST-CREATE Frequency!

Apr 17, 2024

Courtesy of your subconscious mind, you breathe 24/7 without having to think about it. Although, with your conscious mind, you can change how you breathe, and how you breathe matters, especially when eating.

The subconscious mind is trained to make quick adjustments according to how you breathe. Shallow breathing sends a message to the subconscious mind to switch on the sympathetic system, AKA, the Fight-Flight-Freeze response. Calm breathing switches on the parasympathetic response, better known as the Rest-Digest-Create system. Like an AM/FM radio dial, your subconscious switches back and forth according to the “frequency” of your breathing.

For centuries we’ve defaulted towards the “Fight-Flight” which allowed us to survive. However, it requires hormones like cortisol to pump your heart faster, tighten muscles, and shut down digestion, allowing more energy towards the fight, flight or flee. The rise in cortisol is released in the fight or flight but today, there’s less fleeing, leaving cortisol to build up with stresses linked to heart disease and hypertension, not to mention indigestion.



There was a study done on cats who were eating while x-rayed showing normal organ and digestive functions, until a dog entered the room. When anxiousness, stress/fear were ignited, their diaphragms and systems contracted to the point that many vomited.

Fortunately, though, when the Rest-Digest-Create system or “FM” is switched on, hormones like serotonin are activated allowing superior digestion, absorption of nutrients, and feeling fuller sooner-a recipe for calming the bloat and weight reduction. Plus, the entrepreneur in you can benefit from the enhanced creativity as well.

 While emotions can impact your choice of food like ice cream when you’re sad or pizza and wings when feeling celebratory, your emotions while you eat can also have impact on your health. What happens when you eat and multitask watching the news or driving in traffic in frustration? Are you in the Fight-Flight or Rest-Digest?  You can only be on one or the other…not both.

Like the cats, your system can react in fear, even when observing others in fear. Watching someone in distress can create shallow breathing whereby your subconscious might respond as though it’s
happening to you, albeit to a smaller degree. So, what happens when you’re eating under stress? Eating under stress, anxiety, fear, boredom, sadness, or guilt is likely done under Fight-Flight response and just as there are many emotions there are just as many food choices the “emotional eater” reaches for. From ice cream, cookies, chips, and pizza…they vary in their carbohydrates, proteins, and fats too...meaning emotional eating and negative implications may not be just about the food alone.

In the last 40 years, I’ve worked in alternative and non-alternative medicine, witnessing every diet imaginable. In the 80s carbs were “the best”, the 90s highlighted fats with healthy oils/omegas but then made a pivot to being “bad”, launching the low-fat-diet era. Then came “Where’s the beef?” and proteins took their turn. The battle of these macronutrients—carbs, protein, and fat continues with diets trending towards plant-based eating—carbs in disguise making a comeback. Is the confusing billions of dollars diet world about to cycle through the macronutrients again? Meanwhile, diseases including mental health concerns are still on the rise!

It isn’t just what you are eating, it’s also what you’re not and or how you’re eating! Many aren’t eating enough micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber) that are inside the macronutrients.
Also, these nutrients are poorly absorbed while in the Fight-Flight when eating while driving, at the computer, or skating across the kitchen in a hurry. If that’s not enough, cortisol may be surging which also happens to be a fat-storing hormone.

I recommend the Power of the Pause Prescription-taken with/and/or without meals.
A-aware of surroundings/emotions.
U-uni-task—Focus on eating.
S-slow eating.
E-enjoy with gratitude.
*May lower stress, and chronic disease, and improve mental health and energy levels.

For your next meal/snack, take a pause and “Switch On Your REST DISGEST CREATE Frequency”.

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