Nourish to Flourish - starting the year 2024 off right

Nov 06, 2023

Is it time for a new resolution on diets?  In my 30 plus years as a registered dietitian, I’m sure it comes as no surprise, to suggest that no other time of year rings in the word DIET more than New Years. The word "resolutions" means "to resolve" or to find a new year resolve to be more precise.   

The idea of setting new resolves for the year isn’t popular with everyone and yet, if most succeeded with their new resolves, perhaps we would all be setting them.  After working with thousands of clients, I have learned that it isn’t always the New Years Resolutions themselves causing the lack of success on sticking to them, but more so, how they’re set in the first place.

In 2022, the top reasons many did set resolutions, was to improve quality of life and the tops ways most attempted to do so, was through exercising more, changing eating behaviors and to lose weight.  Inevitably, the search to discover the ways to change eating behaviors meets with the newest diet hype.

From liquid diets to fasting to carb free, fat free, or protein free and everywhere in-between, the battle of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat) remains.  In last 4 decades of my career, I’ve watched the carbohydrates (carbs) in the 80s take the stage until the takeover of the fat craze in the 90s. This was where the diet and light products made their debut which followed with the next decade of “where’s the beef and eat more protein which took an axe to carbs. Until now, the plant-based diet is getting attention which are carbs in disguise.  So when it comes to staying to a new resolve on your diet and feeling like you failed by not sticking to it, It may not be your fault.  These extreme trends are not only setting you up for failure, they may be taking the Heal out of Health.   

The truth is, inside the macronutrient giants, are the mighty army of micronutrients that should be getting our attention.  The micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, fiber, omegas etc.  To take away a macronutrient means taking away micronutrients which help fight diseases, assist immune systems, provide healing and more.  Instead, it might be worth becoming a Flexitarian with all 3 macros and a focus on more micronutrients by eating whole natural foods. In fact, processed foods tend to have less nutrients and fiber overall.

The true meaning of the word diet, comes from the Greek word diata , meaning, a way of life: sleep hygiene, heathy eating/hydration, activity, with intuitive eating at the center.  In other words, understanding your cravings, hunger cues, digestion times for meals and or snacks and changing the scoreboard on how we measure health.

What worked in our 20s-30s, doesn’t work in our 40s-80s.  The amperage or willpower for vanity alone doesn’t have the same sticking power.  The truth is the desire changes.  We want a little vanity, but we also want more energy, confidence, agility and to have our health serve bigger dreams and goals. Ironically, if we adopted a healthy way of life, there would be less debate on New Years Resolutions--we may not even need them.

Over the months ahead, we will look at a new resolve on diets as your way of life and ways to Nourish to Flourish to not only dial up your vitality, but to live your best life yet. 

 “A dietitian on a mission, bringing back heal back in health and the true meaning of the word diet”

For tips on how to resolve your diet, dial up your energy and lean towards a Nourish to Flourish mindset, here are a few examples below. 



Egg omelet-vegetables/salsa or make a larger batch to portion into muffin tins for the week.

Whole-grain bread + avocado or hummus or salsa or

Oatmeal* + nut butter, fruit, yogurt, cinnamon, drizzle syrup or molasses or

Smoothie-fruit, yogurt, milk/substitute, plus seed mix indicated below.


Mighty Micro Soup (butternut squash, broccoli, cabbage, tomato, beans, etc.)

(use low sodium veggie broth or used canned versions and add fresh veggies)

+ high fiber crackers + nut butter, tofu, or cheese or

Zucchini Noodles+ vegetables, low salt broth + tofu or shrimp +sesame oil or

Salad-spinach, vegetables, nuts, cheese, pumpkin seeds, dried/fresh fruit



Leftover soup/salad + poached salmon (or other fish) + brown rice + peppers


Quinoa or rice bowl-vegetables, tofu, cashews, peanuts, edamame beans, sauce (i.e., tzatziki or sesame oil, dressing, BBQ).


Rotisserie chicken + salad+ raw veggies + whole grain buns + berries

* Add chia, flax, or hemp hearts to increase fiber and omegas.

Dessert Tips: baked apple, strawberries dipped in chocolate pudding, small wrap with nut butter, and fruit or fruit compote on a mini brownie or angel food cake.

 Note: For customized menus, portions as per your nutritional goals, your nutrition check-up to find out if you are low in micronutrients and other ways to work with me

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